Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation provides more than 67,000 total square feet of metal wall and roof panels for the 雷丁艺术学院 in 整理, CA, giving the facility a smart and modern look worthy of its high-profile, 高性能的任务.

雷丁艺术学院 is a public charter school for grades K-8. It is the first new school campus in the world to receive Platinum certification under the LEED for Schools 2009 standards and is expected to achieve Net-Zero. 另外, the school is designed to achieve the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) certification, a national movement to improve student performance and enhance the education experience by building the best possible schools.

The design of 雷丁艺术学院 was based on two essential ideas: First, the learning environment should create opportunities to show students, teachers and parents the importance of sustainability. Second, students should be inspired to learn in creative, colorful and fun surroundings. To help achieve these two ambitious functional and aesthetic goals, 设计团队求助于Metal Sales.

“We were looking for metal panels with recycled content, durability and an energy-friendly SRI (Solar Reflective Index) value,James Theimer说, Principle of Trilogy Architecture who served as architect for the project. “雷丁艺术学院 has been designed to last for 100 years. 与bb电子糖果官方网站销售墙和屋顶板, I think we found a product that would live up to that challenge.”

All of the Metal Sales panel colors used on the school are listed with ENERGY STAR®, improving energy-efficiency and reducing the amount of energy needed for cooling. The panels also have a long life span that will endure the wide temperature variations of the Sacramento Valley, 是100%可回收利用, and contain a high percentage of recycled material – contributing to LEED points.

The roof of the 雷丁艺术学院 is protected by 520 squares of Magna-Loc pencil rib standing seam roof panels from Metal Sales, much of which has rigid PV (photovoltaic) solar panels attached to the panel ribs. An additional 12 squares of Magna-Loc flat pan panels are utilized on a nearby utility building and act as an ideal roof surface for the application of PV laminate film solar panels. The exterior walls of the building are clad in 138 squares of Metal Sales IC72-Panel. 最后, perforated TL-17 soffit panels are installed in the hallways of the school, acting as a perforated pin board to display student artwork.

Metal Sales roof and wall panels optimize energy efficiency, 减少建筑垃圾, and provide the most sensible platform for renewable energy technology and rainwater harvesting systems. Metal panels reflect a significant amount of solar heat energy, improving a building’s energy-efficiency by reducing the amount of energy needed for cooling. They 是100%可回收利用 and contain up to 30% recycled material. These factors contribute to the sustainability of utilizing metal wall or roof panels, like those chosen by the 雷丁艺术学院.

Metal Sales boasts a 50-year heritage of outstanding customer service. The company’s highly-trained professionals offer comprehensive, user-friendly product information and work with project managers, 估计, installers and engineers until each product application is successfully completed.

“We have partnered with Metal Sales on numerous projects in the past,马特·勒德洛说, 科迪亚克屋顶工程项目经理 & 防水有限公司mpany who served as installer. “再一次, everyone at Metal Sales has gone above and beyond to provide excellent customer service and technical support. And because they have many locations throughout the country, we benefitted from LEED regional points and reduced lead times.”

Metal Sales has 21 locations throughout the United States. The close proximity to 雷丁艺术学院 contributed to LEED points, 卓越的客户服务和支持, accelerated lead times and responsive manufacturing and delivery capabilities. 雷丁艺术学院 is a prime example of the advantages that Metal Sales delivers to its customers by having multiple locations and a national presence.

雷丁艺术学院 was completed in August 2011. 项目团队包括架构师, 三部曲的建筑师, 整理, CA, 麦康奈尔基金会, 整理, CA, bb电子糖果官方网站面板安装工Kodiak屋面 & 防水有限公司.,林肯,.



项目规模: 72,500
项目完成日期: 2011
项目类型: 教育(k - 12)
师: 加州雷丁三部曲建筑事务所
安装程序: 科迪亚克屋面 & 防水林肯,