Metal Sales offers metal roof panels that allow for a certain level of customization in fastener type, rib height, coverage, product series, 和衬底材料. 不管你想要什么样的屋顶, our wide selection of metal roofing options make any aesthetic appeal possible.


When you choose a roof, the most common choices are shingles and metal roof panels. Metal roofing systems offer several benefits over shingles, including:

  • Longevity – Metal roofing is made to last longer than any other roofing material on the market. Many consumers decide to choose metal panels because, 这取决于基底材料, metal roofing can go 60 or more years without signs of corrosion or degradation.
  • Durability – 当正确安装, bb电子糖果官方网站屋顶设计得能承受强风, 勇敢地面对恶劣的环境, 并阻止啮齿动物和其他动物进入. Metal roof panels are also often manufactured to be Class A fire-rated and non-combustible.
  • Eco-Friendly – Everything from manufactured excess scraps to tear-off metal to old panels can be turned into new metal panels, 将垃圾填埋场的废物减至最少.
  • Warranties – Metal roofing systems are a cost-effective investment since many manufacturers, suppliers, 和安装提供充足的保证,消费者.
Metal Sales has a large selection of metal roof panels to help consumers create the roofing they need. If you need corrugated, galvanized, steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, 或耐候钢, 我们为你的项目准备了一种衬底材料.


Exposed Fastened

Exposed fastener metal roof panels are the material of choice for affordable roofing options on commercial, residential, 和农业建筑. Color-matched panels are installed over existing shingle decks for a seamless look. 这些面板是一个持久的完美解决方案, eco-friendly roofing option that favors cost and easy installation.


隐蔽的紧固件 metal roof panels are an alternative that offers more durability and a sleek design. For aesthetic reasons, concealed fastener panels are more common in residential buildings. 这些电池板不仅更坚固, but the concealed design of the fasteners leads to less maintenance over the life of the roof.

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The Color Visualizer tool allows you to instantly explore a variety of roofing profiles and colors. Get inspired and find panels and colors that will suit your building style by choosing to work with one of our sample projects or upload your own project image.



We offer you the tools to find a quality roof that will last for generations. Learn more about our residential solutions and options for your home.



We offer a variety of solutions and tools to find a quality roof that will last for generations. Learn more about our commercial solutions and options for your business.

We Offer a Variety of Solutions to Help Your Ag Business


Metal Sales offers a variety of solutions that will keep your agricultural business running for generations. 了解更多bb电子糖果官方网站的农业解决方案.